Perky Chic Bucket List

Perky Chic Bucket List

Do you still want to do something that you haven’t done yet? Well, get a pen and paper and list down all the things you want to experience and achieve before you die. It Ain’t too late buddies.

There are now bunch of things I should do before I disappear on earth! Lol

I have jotted down all the things I want to do, see, experience and achieve before I die.

I hope I can inspire you to travel and go out of your comfort zone. Make a bucket list and start working on it.

Enjoy the journey! Let’s go and fulfill our dreams together!!
Last Updated: 12th Nov. 2018

  1. Get Married & have children.
  2. Have a dream Home.
  3. Tomb Raiding in Cambodia (Done!! Visited Cambodia in 2013)
  4. Swim with Whale shark (Done!!)
  5. Volunteer Abroad (Done!! I started Volunteering in UAE in 2013)
  6. Visit Taj Mahal in India
  7. Go Canyoning / Canyoneering in Cebu.
  8. Ride with Camel in the desert. (Done! – Dubai Desert Safari 2017)
  9. Go on a stargazing date.
  10. Go Kayaking (Done! – went for kayaking at Danao lake – Aug. 2017)
  11. Camping on top of the mountain. ( Done! We camped at Osmena Peak Cebu – August 2017)
  12. See the turquoise water in Kawasan Falls in Cebu. (Done!! I went there in July 2016)
  13. Visit Europe
  14. Go to Bohol, Philippines to see the chocolate Hills and experience eating in a floating restaurant. (August 2017)
  15. I want to visit all Asian Countries.
  16. Visit USA!
  17. Hiking (Done!! Hiked at Wadi Al Helo)
  18. Visit JAPAN!
  19. Experience Paragliding (Done!! I went to Nepal in 2015 & did the paragliding there.)
  20. Join a Beauty Pageant (Done!! It’s a Teen Beauty Pageant – June 2000)
  21. Participate in a Color Run. (I’ve joined on 10th Nov. 2018 in Dubai Autodrome)
  22. Join 10km Marathon (Done!! Joined Nike Run Dubai twice – 2014 & 2015)
  23. Travel Solo (Done!! I started travelling solo in 2013 and I’ve been to 4 countries by myself! )
  24. Organize a charity program in my country (Philippines)
  25. Visit Sri lanka (Traveled to Sri Lanka on March 20, 2018)
  26. Write a journal for every travel.
  27. Eat exotic food (Done!! Ate Fried Crickets in Cambodia)
  28. Go on a mission trip.
  29. Visit Palawan
  30. Go on a road trip with my Man.
  31. See snow ( Done!! – I visited Armenia in 21-24, Feb. 2017)
  32. Act in a Play ( Done!! )
  33. Fly -first class
  34. Buy a car for my Dad.
  35. To be interviewed in TV (Done!! Got a chance to be interviewed on July 2016 about our Town Fiesta-aired at Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (GMA 7).)

Author: Jenny Carlos

Chasing Nothing but dreams..Carpe diem!

4 thoughts on “Perky Chic Bucket List”

    1. Thanks for your suggestion jendluvu 🙂 I’m still thinking actually ahah I’m not sure if I can do it, I’m not that brave enough lol.


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