4-Hour Sailing Trip in Dubai

Set sail on Abu Dhabi’s largest luxury Catamaran yacht.

I just wanted to share my experience how blessed I am sailing in one of the biggest and luxurious Abu Dhabi’s Catamaran yacht. I was given a VIP ticket from Belevari Cruises for 4 – Hour Jumeirah Coast Catamaran Cruise with Swim Stop. So I wore my best swimsuit and off I go! 🙂


We boarded our trip at 2:30 PM and left from Port Rashid at exactly 3:00 PM. So make sure be on time! They will not wait for you.


The boat has a large hammock like area at the front with cool bean bags and plenty of room to relax as you watch the world go by on the water.

Since I did not shell out money for this trip and I was given 2 tickets for free. So I brought a  friend – Ate Marineth who is more like sister to me. And no one wants to go for an adventure alone, right?

As they say that it’s best to share your blessings with someone and so I did! 🙂

me & ate net looking up

We stopped by in the middle of the ocean as there is 1. 5 hour anchorage for swimming, snorkeling and water sports.


What a phenomenal experience this was! They even teach you about sailing and you get the chance to put up the sails or even drive the catamaran!

We took photos with the Captain and the crew.

with the caption

with  Capt. Berend C. Lens van Rijn  🙂

On the boat, the staff were very friendly, fun and accommodating.

with the crew

As we sailed, I was very excited. The music was pumping, the ride was so smooth and the food was delicious. It was just like a hotel  in the middle of the ocean.

The hospitality from the crew was first class and they anticipated our every need and kept us well entertained, fed and hydrated.

Here are the below inclusions of our 4 – Hour Tour.

Beautiful sunset before ending the trip.
The experience as a whole was superb!
I will never get to experience this luxurious cruise without Belevari Cruises.

Author: Jenny Carlos

Chasing Nothing but dreams..Carpe diem!

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