The Color Run Dubai ’18

The Happiest 5K on the Planet!

The Happiest 5k on the planet is back in Dubai! The Color Run of rainbow-hued unicorns and splashes of color was held at Dubai Autodrome on Saturday, November 10, 2018.

Doors were opened from 7am, and the race kicked-off at 8.30am.


The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality.


I’d been wanting to participate in this kind of event as it looks exciting!

I’ve tried to join a 10k marathon before, since I’m really fond of running. This time I have told myself why not try to partake in a fun run.

I used to be a volunteer in the color run and I feel like floating on cloud nine as this year I’m one of the participants.

Two weeks before the run we’ve registered online along with my friends so we can get our slot and our race pack early.

The registration fee was extortionate! But fret not, a portion of all fees will be donated to a local charity – Friends of Cancer Patients in 2018.  Does that sound OK to you? You can give back to your community while enjoying the fun-filled run.

The Regular race pack includes:

  • Entry to The Color Run
  • Limited Edition 2018 Bolt Tee
  • Hero Cape
  • Unicorn Badge
  • Bolt Tattoo
  • Welcome Card
  • Mobile Phone Pouch from Volkswagen
  • Costa Coffee Voucher
  • Global Village Voucher
  • du Tough Mudder & du Mini Mudder Offer!
  • Headband and Medal at the event!

There were group of friends, Families, Corporate Teams, and Individuals who took part in the race. Honestly, we did not run. Haha.. it’s not really a run! The pace was slow and you want to slow down and enjoy the color zones anyway.

Here are the photos before we dive in into the colors. 🙂

The run is not timed, so you don’t feel pressured to finish within a certain time frame. You can do a walk-run method. Haha. You can enjoy taking lot of pictures every color zones. The cheerful & upbeat music of each zones will keep you awake and makes you wanna dance.

We hit the first Color Zone – I ran up so excited. It was Blue – there are people shouting and singing their heart out.

Then the 2nd color zone was Red. There was a field of red-colored smoke everywhere.

When we reached 3 kilometers, it was the color Yellow Zone! Look at that!! Runners were drenched in yellow colors. (I’m not sure what I was doing there. Am I dancing or what? lol)

And this time there’s a twist! The Foam Zone is back by popular demand this year. All runners coated in foam as well as a kaleidoscope of colored paints.

Enjoying the Foam Zone!!

Soak yourself in bubbles! Everyone had a great time, playing, running and swimming in the foam station. That moment of joy, I want to feel like a kid again.! I was so ecstatic and I don’t mind getting my clothes wet. Hooray!!

The 5th color zone was Orange! My sour-faced on the left photo looks funny. Lol. It was raining heavily with orange powder, but I still managed to take a selfie with that funny-looking face! Oh Geez.. I sneezed a lot after I got out from this area. Haha

To end the fun-filled run, the Pink color was the last zone. This one was my favorite color zones. Even though the pink powder was almost finished, but we still pulled off to get the powder from the ground and threw it from each other.  Continue reading “The Color Run Dubai ’18”


Pinoy Perspective on Ramadan in Dubai

Do you know what is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it’s a holiest month in the religion of Islam.

The Muslim population will be taking part – with fasting from sunrise to sunset for 30 days.

During this month Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, sex and other vices to attain higher levels of patience, spirituality and humility.

There are many Non-Muslims living abroad especially in Gulf countries like the UAE. Though we are not fasting  we must follow and respect the religious practices during the holy month of Ramadan.

But in the Gulf region many suhoor and iftar events are put up all over the country as a way to bring the entire community together.

Many Filipinos in Dubai acclimatized the Do’s and Don’ts in the time of Ramadan observation.

However, some Pinoys are fasting even though they’re not Muslims or shall I say “dieting”.  ( 🙂 kidding aside) If you have lots of Muslim colleagues  in the office you don’t want them to smell the food you are eating in the pantry nor the coffee you’re making.

I remember last year, I was so hungry to death and I grabbed a snack and ate it in the washroom as I don’t want my colleague to feel that I’m enticing him to eat and to break his fast. I know it sounds grossy but that’s the only way i can think of. Still, you have to respect them as well.

And as I mentioned earlier, Pinoys become accustomed the practices while observing the holiest month in the country. Like Muslims, when sunset comes they can eat and have their Iftar with their family and closest friends.

Pinoys are very flexible to change and adaptable to any culture wherever they go. And I’m proud that I am a Filipino!

So, my friends gathered together every Ramadan to have our Iftar dinner.

We decided to have our Iftar in one of the hotels in Al Barsha.

Image 1

We are about 15 people who came, and all were excited to meet everyone after not seeing  each other for a couple of months. Some of our friends couldn’t attend as they were tied up in some errands.  (You guys missed this, really!)

image 2

While everyone is waiting for the Iftar, look at the lady there striking a pose on the left side! ahaha and that’s me!

Ramadan Group photo1

image 3

And so the Iftar already commenced and everyone really enjoyed their sumptuous dinner!

Photo 2

Whether one is Muslim or Non-Muslim it is essential for us that we learn to respect other religion practices.

Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters!

Walk to Beat Diabetes


The Beat Diabetes Walk is an annual event for the community to increase awareness about living an active and healthy lifestyle to beat diabetes.The walk is approx. 3 kilometers at Zabeel Park, Dubai.

Me and my friends have decided to join the walk to support those people who are suffering from diabetes. We registered online at All participants will receive a kit that consist of Beat Diabetes T-Shirt, Bib number and Cap via courier. You just have to shell out AED20  to register.



Snapshot of the Beat Diabetes Walk:

Source: APCO Worldwide

Event name + description Landmark Group’s ‘Beat Diabetes’ Walk
Date Friday, 18 November, 2016
Venue Zabeel Park, Dubai
Time 7:00am –  Park gates open

8:00am –  Walk begins

9:00am – Family entertainment, games and free blood glucose screening

Registration fee AED20 per head for participants older than 14 years

AED10 per head for children between 8 – 14 years

Free of charge for children under the age of 8 years